Tuesday, March 24, 2015

The Best Sandwich Ever

Start with a nice and fresh new hoagie roll.
Cut it in half and toast it real slow.

Three dollops of mayonnaise
on bottom and top.

Thinly sliced beef
from the best butcher shop.

Two slivers of cheese,
one cheddar, one swiss.

Melted on top.
A tongue tasting bliss.

Red ripe tomatoes
straight from the vine.

Blushing rose vinegar
made from red wine.

Crunchy cold pickle bits.
Peppers, slightly hot.

Smoked salmon cold cuts
just freshly caught.

A side of potato chips, cheese puffs or fries.
Too big for your mouth is just the right size.

Cut it in half with only one chop.
Then crack open a cold soda pop.

Take a big bite.
Eat it with style.

Enjoying each taste
Can take quite a while.

Chew all the flavors
Before you will swallow.
Crunch a few chips
Drink some to follow.

And when you are through
And think you are done.

Go back to the kitchen
And make another one.

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