Tuesday, May 10, 2016

The Noise - Part 3

This is the third and final part of the story. I hope you enjoyed it and keep your eyes out for the next story coming soon!:)
Shawna told her parents that she had to stay late after school to study for a test. She did not want to lie, but was sure here parents would not believe her if she told the truth.
She met the nurse in the parking lot and they walked down the row of cars. Towards the end, the stopped in front of a bright white Cadillac. It had gold rims and trim. Shawna thought, “Pretty flashy car for a school nurse.”
They got in and headed down the street towards the west side of town. After a several miles, Shawna started to become concerned. They had taken many different small roads, deep into the tall trees. So tall, that they blocked a large part of the sun. It seemed to be getting darker and creepier by the minute.
Shawna had to ask, “I am not familiar with this area? Is there a church back here somewhere?”
The nurse smiled, showing a full set of blinding white teeth with a twinkling diamond on the upper right incisor. She answered, “Don’t you be a worryin’ my dear. We soon be dere.”
Deeper into the trees they went and Shawna’s fear grew by the second. “We here!” announced the nurse. In front of them was an old wooden shack of a house. Dead animals and bones hung from tattered ropes on the front porch. Shawna felt her stomach sink and sheer panic set in.
As she opened the car door to escape and run, she felt a sharp pain in her back. She managed to run a few steps until her legs became numb. Then she collapsed to her knees and felt the rest of her body become limp. She couldn’t move and an overwhelming sleepiness swept through her. The last thing she saw before everything went black was the face of the nurse laughing.
Upon awakening, she found herself tied down to a hard, wooden table. Twisting and pulling, she struggled to break free. It was no use. The ropes burned her wrists every time she moved them.. Desperate, all she could do was cry.
That’s when the nurse came in wearing a full outfit made of bones and hair. Her face was painted white with black around the eyes and lips. All sorts of brown and black feathers decorated her hair. She said, “Now don go an a cry baby girl. Dis da easy part. It gonna hurt a lot more dan dat.”
“Where am I?” cried out Shawna. “Why are you doing this? Please let me go.”
“You bout ready to bring me da power. Babbi Makki ain’t really come yet. Das what you for. You be his sacrifice. You bring him here. He wanna you dead so he can live.” Then she pulled out a large spear decorated with red and black paint.
“No, no, no. Please stop. I will help you get whatever you want. I can get you money, I can help you.”
“I don need no help. Babbi Makki only one can givin’ me what I want. He bring me da power and da beauty and da immortality. Now you hush girl. Or else dis gonna be more painful.”
Shawna’s body shook with fear. She could hear the noise getting louder and louder in her head.
Budu dubba budu bida budu dubba budu bida…
The nurse began chanting and dancing. Her eyes glowed orange from the reflection of the fire torches surrounding them. The chanting became louder and faster as her body rolled in waves. Then she stopped, raised the spear up high and whispered, “Babbi Makki, Babbi Makki, Babbi Makki.”
Shawna thought this was it. Visions of her life flashed through her eyes. She felt her mother’s gentle kiss on her forehead. She felt her father’s strong arms holding her tight. Gripping the sides of the table, she braced herself and closed her eyes tight. It was silent.
Then came a whoosh, a crack, and a thud. Shawna did not feel any pain though. She opened her eyes and no longer was the nurse standing above her. Instead was a strange little man. He had pure white skin and wore all white robes.
He smiled as he untied Shawna and said, “You are a very brave girl. I think you deserve a gift.” He handed her clear plastic bag full of oddly shaped seeds. “Now I will sing you a song: Lobba looba lippity loo. Shloopy shleppy shamma shoo.” As soon as he sang the last word, he farted very loudly and disappeared into thin air.
Shawna did not know if she should cry or laugh. Either way, she was very happy to be out of danger. The little man must have also loosened her restraints, because she was now free. She expected the nurse to be lying on the floor. However, a voodoo doll lay in her place.
She did not want to stay there any longer and ran out of the shack as fast as possible. On the way out, she tripped over a stone and hit her head on the ground, which knocked her unconscious. When she woke up, she was back in the nurse’s office lying on the cushioned table. This time a different nurse was standing over her.
“How are you feeling sweetie?” she asked.
Shawn said, “I am ok. How did I get here?”
“You fell unconscious during the show.”
“What show?”
“The Caribbean drum show, silly. Don’t you remember it?”
“No. I guess I just blacked out. I feel ok now though.”
Just then, her mother and father walked through the door. Her mother hugged her first and said, “I am so glad you are ok. We were very worried when the school called.”
Her father gave her a hug next and added, “Yeah, we love you very much. You want to go get some ice cream?”
“Yeah!” exclaimed Shawna with a big smile. She thought, “Perhaps it was all a dream.” She kept that idea until she noticed something in her pocket while riding in the car. She shivered with chills when seeing it. It was a plastic bag holding strange looking seeds.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

The Noise - Part 2

Hello - this is a continuation of the story to be released in my upcoming book. Enjoy!
The nurse came into the room and with a Jamaican accent asked, “What seem to be da matter my precious?”
Shawna replied, “I can’t get this noise out of my head. I keep hearing the same beat again and again. It is driving me crazy!”
“Now there, dear. It sounds like it be a simple earworm.”
“An earworm! Get it out!” Shawna quickly covered her ears with her hands. I can’t have-“
“Hold on. An earworm is not an actual worm. It is just an expression for when ya be havin’ a song stuck in da head. Are ya recognizing the song?”
“No, it just sound like: budu dubba budu bida budu dubba budu bida. It keeps repeating over and over and never stops.”
The nurse’s facial expression changed to one of sheer horror. She had to sit down and catch her breath. “Dat not good. Dat not good at all. It means he comin’ for us. How long ya hearing da noise?”
“Only since last night. Why? Who is coming?”
“Good. That means we still have time. The noise means that Babbi Makki is coming. He is evil and when he comes, he will try to destroy us all.”
“Who is Babbi Makki?”
“Babbi Makki be one a dem ancient voodoo witchdoctors from New Orleans. Someone must have begun da ritual to be releasin’ him. A powerful priest imprisoned his soul over one hundred year ago.
Babbi Makki used da dark magic to turn his victims into dose wooden statues. His hunger for collecting dem grows each time he creatin’ one. I don’ know who trying to release him or why. I only know dat we got tree days to stop da ritual or he be released again.”
Shawna stared at the nurse in silence, dumbfounded by what she just heard. Then she turned her head sideways and smiled, “Wait a minute. You are joking with me, aren’t you? Come on. Witchdoctors don’t really exist.”
The nurse stared deep into her eyes and said, “Dis no joke my dear. Dis da trut. We gonna see da priest.”