Wednesday, February 18, 2015

New Video: A Wish from a Fish

Check out the new video: A Wish from a Fish

>A Wish from a Fish

Teddywinkle the toad went down the road.

Where he found a nice bog and hid in a log.
Waiting for bugs to come by.
A nice little fish gave Teddywinkle a wish.

There upon him was a magical fin.
That gave wishes
in the wink of an eye.
The toad then replied with eyes open wide,

“What shall I wish for new friend.
The fish had suggestions,

and many more questions.
They seemed to come without end.
This is what came out of his mind:
Fame and fortune

Gold and glory
A beautiful mansion of seventeen story
Large dessert portions
Jewels and fun
Everything under the sun
Health and happiness
Power and fame
A super intelligent brain
Sharpness and snappiness
Super star muscles
A promising business that bustles
All the bells and the whistles
Handsome and healthy
To be extra importantly wealthy
A title of the highest of officials
Candy and cake
A fizzling soda pop lake
Then the toad said, “I don’t want all those.”
The fish said, “What then, do you suppose?”
The toad thought hard and though long.

He thought deep and thought strong.
He thought left and thought right.
He thought loose and thought tight.
The fish was pacing and racing.

What could the toad have to say?
He thought, “I cannot be staying and waiting.
I do not have all night and all day.
Please won’t this toad make up his mind?”
The toad kept on thinking and thinking.

Searching all thoughts he could find.
Then, something came singing and ringing.
From the very exact middle
of his little toad mind.
“I’ve got it!” he exclaimed.

“It came right from my brain.
I knew it was there all along.
“What is it?” shouted the fish.
“What is your wish?
That I have waited to hear for so long?
Said the toad, “I will tell you dear sir.
It is something I know makes me happy.
It is something that I’ll like for sure.
It is something quite wonderful and snappy.”
Then the toad stood up tall.

And with no shame at all.
Said he wanted some socks.
“Some socks? Some socks!

Are you plain crazy?
You can have so many more things!”
Said the fish with eyes glazy.
“Some socks I wish upon my back feet.

It’s so cold in the wet and damp peat.
I freeze them each time I sit down to eat.
So please do not make me repeat.
And give me some socks or admit your defeat.”
Said the toad clear and complete.
The fish then swam three circles around.

Jumped in the air
and came splashing down.
As soon as he did, the toad had his treat.

Two purple socks covered his feet.

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