Friday, July 22, 2016

Origaminous Part 2

Several days passed and Marcus still couldn’t complete the Magic Makari. He was able to get most of the folds. However, one fold proved to be very difficult. Everytime he attemped it, the paper would rip and he would have to start over. It was the reverse-outside-switch with a closed-z- sink-kite-pocket-fold.
Marcus was determined and he would not give up. About a week later, after many sleepless nights, he finally managed to complete it. It was beautiful and he felt a deep proudness. There was something unusual about it. No matter which way he turned it, the folds cast no shadow. Normally, the side of each fold opposite of a light source would be a little darker. With the Magic Makari, each surface was as bright as the next.
Marcus believed it might be truly magic. He held it between his outstretched hands and made a wish. He said, “I wish that I was not sick anymore.” Since he had not been getting enough sleep, he contracted a cold and had a runny nose and cough all day.
As soon as he made his wish, the Magic Makari floated from his hands and began spinning. It rotated faster and faster until it suddenly stopped and fell on the floor. Marcus quickly picked it up and was surprised to notice that his cold was gone. Amazingly, he had no more symptoms.
“Wow,” he thought. “This thing really is powerful! I should wish for some money. Wait, that guy said not to use it for dark thoughts. Maybe if I just ask for a little bit of money. I am not going to use it for anything dark. I just want to buy some video games. Video games are fun. Nothing dark about that.”
Therefore, he did. He wished for one hundred dollars. Again, the Magic Makari floated, spun, and fell to the floor. As he went to pick it up, he found a one hundred dollar bill lying underneath. Then he heard a noise. It sounded like some papers rustling.
He turned around and instantly became frightened and amazed. One of the dinosaur origami’s he made was walking around. It was trying to eat the pig shaped origami. Marcus picked it up and it bit him. The tiny teeth gave him a small paper cut. He reacted by crumpling up the dinosaur in his hands and throwing it on the floor.
To his astonishment, it un-crumpled itself and returned back to its dinosaur shape. Marcus grabbed a plastic cup and scooped up the little monster. It ferociously scraped and clawed at the sides, trying to escape. Thinking fast, he ran to the bathroom and dumped it in the toilet. The paper beast thrashed and splashed until it finally softened and fell apart. A quick flush sent it to a final and watery grave.

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