Friday, April 24, 2015

Games for Kids

When was the last time you played a game with your kids? I love games, any kind of game. For a dad, it is a great way to interact with your kids. There are even some good ones online where everyone can play together. I made a list of all the games I like. What are your favorites?

Board Games:

Monopoly - probably the best board game of all time. What a great way to learn capitalism :)
Risk - another great one. Even better to learn world domination :)
Catan - great game. learn about trade, strategy, resources.
Shadow Hunter - a new game I played recently, a bit gory, but very interesting.
Pandemic - I like this one because you all work together to save the world.

Card Games:

Poker - Good game to learn how to read others and anticipate.
Gin Rummy - Easy to learn and fun
Uno - Classic, fast paced, easy to learn
Dominion - a great game that can change each time you play.
Loot - Fun pirate game where you try to capture as much gold from ships. Many strategies.
Saboteur - Fun card game where you work together as the dwarves trying to get the gold or the saboteurs trying to stop them.
Hearts - I am still learning the strategies for this.
Spades - I am still learning the strategies for this.

Online Games:

Kahoot - Online trivia that you make up yourself.
Wheel of Fortune - Hangman, bur more fun.
Minecraft - Like legos and blocks, but much cooler and faster.

Video Games:

Super Mario - Everyone knows Mario. My son is an expert.
Diablo - Walk around and kill monsters all day.
Ghost Recon - Like being on your own special forces team.
Warcraft - Control the destiny of your city and military
Starcraft - Warcraft but with spaceships.


Football - Every play something exciting can happen.
Soccer - Great exercise, you never stop running.
Tennis - Low cost, takes only 90 minutes.
Snowboarding - Awesome!
Golf - Very relaxing, you can play when your are 90.
Bowling - You don't need to be good to bowl.
Frisbee - Cheap and fun
Volleyball - A great way to get friends together.
Rugby - If you want to feel pain, play rugby.
Basketball - Lots of running and teamwork.
Wrestling - The most tired you will be after 3 minutes in your life.
Pool - Great for hanging out with your buddies.
Foosball - Faster paced wrist action.
Darts - Another great hanging out game.

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